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It's all about Bees ...

Some of you may remember that about two years ago, I was commissioned by a local pub (called 'The Bee' funnily enough) to create and draw some bright and funny little bee characters to be the face of their new brand.

And so these little guys were the result ...

These are now framed and hung all around the bar and they are also on the pub's menus, napkins and table mats!

Anyhoo.  I did an art exhibition in Basingstoke back at the end of May, and a passing lady saw them in my portfolio and we got talking about her sister who is an entymologist employed as a researcher for the Surrey Wildlife Trust, and she specialises in ... you guessed it ... bees!

Now I've been commissioned to do a ANOTHER set of bright and funny bee characters for her sister's birthday!

I didn't want to rehash the original cartoons, as they're all pub/food/drink based, and my brief for this new commission was 'bees doing bee stuff'.  I also want to do something fresh and new for my client so I've gone right back to the drawing board for her and here are my drafts for the first two characters:

(Excuse the grid - my first draft was just waaaaaay too big, so I had to shrink it down for the second draft.)

These are my two boy bees, and I've got ideas for two girl bees, but I need to see how they pan out before I commit to anything!

So, if you want me, this is where I'll bee ... drawing bees!

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