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This is all I'm going to say on the matter ...

Unless you've been on Neptune this last couple of days, you'll probably be aware that something fairly big has gone down in the UK today ...

I guess I really haven't processed today's events fully yet, so I'm not sure entirely how I feel.  I love the concept of the EU, I just hate the political entity it has become.

I'm shocked, yes. Full of trepidation, definitely. Angry that we were left to make such a monumental decision on the back of such an appalling and piss-poor campaign of scaremongering and mud-slinging, without a doubt. But what happened happened, therein lies the pros and cons of living in a democracy - a fact for which I will always be thankful, even when the only politicians we have to choose from aren't worth the paper we put our cross on (which sadly happens all too frequently).

So what happens now?

As Mr Dizzo said, 'the people have spoken. We stop crying and make it work.'   Blunt, maybe, but I guess that's exactly what we need to do; this wound isn't going to heal itself.

I still love my European chums, even if my nation doesn't love the European Union any more.

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