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Fun and Games over at the Parade!

It's been nearly two years since spn_on_parade was born.

The basic premise of the community when jj1564, milly_gal and I first created it was 'three grown women who are old enough to know better, a lot of Supernatural (and other) Pop Funko dolls, and no shame' but over those two years, our little corner of crazy has amassed over one hundred followers who tune in regularly to watch the antics of our little plastic people, and a growing population of mini-megastars that we lost count of sometime after the first month!

So, with our second birthday fast approaching, we're planning a global party, and everyone and their minis are invited ...

Details are all here!  More details to follow ...

20160317_184606 (2).jpg
Tags: happy dizzo, little plastic people, silliness

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