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'Me' Update

You may all recall that on 1st April this year, I left my old job.  Or should I say, I left my old Manager, who was a disrespectful arsewipe.

I started my new job on 4th April, and oh my Chuck! ... how time has flown.  Two and a half months have already passed, and so here's a quick update for all you wonderful f/listies who supported me through the last few rotten weeks at my last job.

My main thought in terms of my new job is:  How did I ever get so lucky?

I've fallen into a small and wonderful team, who like to laugh and chat and have a delightfully naughty sense of humour.  They know all about my art and they know all about Supernatural and my con going and they haven't judged me for any of it, they think both my passions are fun and fascinating!

They've welcomed me with open arms.  My Manager, Anita, is great, she's a lovely lady, similar age to me, and she's so supportive.  We can have a laugh, but she's always there for me if I have a question.  She said earlier this week, that I've taken so much work off of her, she's starting to wonder what to do with herself!

Although my background since 1989 is in payroll, it hadn't been a main part of my job for about eight years, as I had chosen to move away from payroll and more into compliance for a new challenge.  But any lingering doubts that I had about taking a job again that was predominately payroll-based have gone.  I'm loving recapping my knowledge, and learning a whole new payroll of 425 people, which is likely to grow by about 80 people a year so I'm told!  Having said that, Anita has already trusted me enough to single-handedly update and rewrite the organisation's Maternity Pay and Leave Policy and Procedure, so that's a big vote of confidence for me.

I'm being made to feel valued and appreciated, like I'm someone whose knowledge and experience is somethiing to be respected, and I'm someone that can make a contribution.  I had actually forgotten what that feels like!

We've had the TV on every afternoon this week to watch the European Championship football matches, and the management ordered Pizza in for lunch for us all today because Italy were playing.

And if there was any doubt that I am working in a very special place, here's a photo of my desk this afternoon.

Friday afternoon is Prosecco time!

So, I'm really, really thankful.  I've fallen on my feet with a resounding thump here, and I still can't quite believe that I got so lucky :)

Just for the record, I haven't forgotten my lovelies from BEN.  We still keep very much in touch and are all getting together for dinner on the 29th June.  I can't wait to see my gorgeous girlies again :)

Oh yes, and I sent my leaver questionnaire in to BEN a few weeks ago (and it was far less than complimentary).  As yet, I haven't heard a peep from them.  Quelle surprise!  But do you know what?  I don't give a shit!

Gaz?  Who's he?  Oh just some tosspot I scraped off the bottom of my shoe a couple of months ago!

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