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A blast from the past ...

I had a night out on Wednesday with 'Bob and Andy'.

Let me explain ...

Bob and Andy were the maintenance guys at my old job. They were a real double act (I used to joke that they were joined at the hip), and I thought the world of them - apparently that feeling was mutual.  Because a large part of my role there revolved around health and safety, I used to call upon the maintenance team a lot, and Bob and Andy were always there to help me out.  We used to have a good laugh and a little flirt all the time, and after I left, I promised I'd meet them for a drink, when things had settled down at my new job.

They know why I left, but what I didn't know was that shortly after I left, Bob had also left because he was so disgusted that the organisation was treating - as he put it -  'good people' so badly.

The thing is, Bob was on a casual contract.  He's 71 and has an army pension; he doesn't need to work.  He worked there because he liked the social aspect and he liked keeping active, but now he's packed it in, and is doing some private work instead.

But what made me laugh was when Andy told me about Bob's last day ...

Bob had parked up at the main building (where staff aren't supposed to park) because he was finishing that day, and he had some tools to load into his car.  As he was heading into the main building with Andy, they had the good fortune to happen across Gaz ...aren't they lucky!

Gaz addressed them both in his usual charming manner ...

"Have you go authority to park there?"

To which Bob replied; "who the fuck are you?"

As Gaz had never troubled to introduce himself to anyone, you've got to admit - this was a valid question.

Clearly outraged at this disrespect (I was crying with laughter at this point in our conversation), Gaz advised Bob and Andy that he was the Human Resources Director.  Apparently, they were supposed to be impressed by this.

They weren't.

Bob replied; "Well I don't give a fucking toss who you are.  I'm finishing today you arrogant prick, so I'll park where I fucking like; what are you going to do about it?"

Andy admitted he had to walk away at this point because, bless him, he has to protect his job until he finds something else.  He hates it there at the moment, but he did tell me that Gaz dropped his briefcase in shock!

Bob and Andy wouldn't let me buy a single drink all evening, and gave me the biggest hug ever at the end of the night.  They told me I was something special and that although they missed me, they were glad I'd found a good job where I was getting the appreciation I deserved.

We've arranged to meet up next month, at which time, I hope to hear that Andy has found another job ... so in the meantime, let's hear it for Bob and Andy!

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