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A Memey thing

It's a while since I did one of these memey thingummybobs.  This one looks like fun and has been filched from metallidean_grl

Fired a gun? Nope, never even held a real gun.  Never want to.
Been married? Yes, for nearly 22 years
Fallen in love?   Yes, see previous answer!
Gone on a blind date? No
Skipped school?   I didn't skip going to school, but I did skip some lessons while I was there, especially PE, Home Economics and Music
Watches someone give birth?   No
Watched someone die? No
Been to Canada?   Yes.  Toured in an RV around the Rockies for two and a half weeks
Ridden in an ambulance? Yes
Been to Hawaii? No.
Been to Europe? Yes, I live there!  I live in the UK, and I've also been to Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy, Malta, Iceland, Greece, Madeira and Sweden
Been to Las Vegas? No.  Got to say, it doesn't really appeal.
Been to Washington D.C.? No
Been to Nashville? No.
Visited Florida?   No.
Visited Mexico? No.
Seen the Grand Canyon in person? No, I'd love to though.
Flown in a helicopter? Yes, several times, here in the UK, and also over Sydney and Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
Partied so hard you puked? Couple of times back during my misspent youth.  It wasn't worth the suffering afterwards!
Been on a cruise? Yes, a Nile cruise - loved it.
Served on a jury? No.
Been in a move? I've moved four times in my life.
Danced in the rain? Yes.
Been to Los Angeles? Yes
Been to New York City? Yes, I loved it.
Played in a band/orchestra? No, I have no musical talent whatsoever!
Sung Karaoke? Yes
Made prank phone calls? Can't remember eer doing so!
Laughed so much you cried? Yes, only last week actually!
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
Had children? No, I'm not the maternal type.
Had a pet? Yes, rabbits mainly.
Been sledding on a big hill? Yes, when I was a kid
Been downhill skiing? No
Been water skiing? No.
Ridden on a motorcycle? Yes
Jumped out of a plane? No
Been to a drive-in movie? No
Ridden an elephant? No
Ridden a Horse? Yes
Been on TV? Yes, my parents and I were caught on a 'hidden camera pranks' programme called Candid Camera when I was about three.  I was also interviewed for the TV when I was at a cricket match one evening about ten years ago!
Been in the newspaper? Yes, in the local newspaper with dapplegrey art a couple of times, and when we got married
Stayed in the hospital? Yes once in 2007, four days for surgery to repair a broken arm/elbow
Donated blood? No.
Gotten a piercing? Yes, I had my ears pierced when I was a child, but I got an infection that wouldn't heal and the doctor stitched them back up again.
Gotten a tattoo? Yes.
Driven a stick shift vehicle? Not for many years.  Much prefer automatics.
Driven over 100 mph? Possibly once or twice.
Been scuba diving? No, only snorkelling
Lived on your own?  No, went straight from living with my parents to living with Mr Dizzo.
Ridden in the back of a police car? No
Broken a bone? Yes, I've broken my left arm twice, my nose, two toes and knocked my two front teeth out. (not all at the same time!)
Gotten stitches? Yes, in my chin, my lip and my ears
Traveled Alone? Yes
Gone backpacking?  No
Owned more shoes than I could ever wear? No, I only buy shoes that I need. 
Been to Russia?  Not yet, but would love to go
Seen four countries at the same moment? I've travelled through four countries (Germany, Holland, Belgium,France) in the same afternoon.  Does that count?
Actually seen the cows come home? Yes
Visited San Fracisco/Crossed the Golden Gate bridge/Explored the Marin Headlands? No, but it would be on my bucket list!
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