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Down to the Last Detail - a birthday fic for Meazrael_64


Sam and Dean are organising a grand birthday celebration for the lovely meazrael_64 down at the bunker. They've planned everything down to the last detail … sort of.

Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Characters: Sam and Dean
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 600

Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own these wonderful people!

"Okay Dean, I think we're all ready at last."

"I hope so, you've been fussing about like a giant girl all day."

"Well, if we're gonna throw a birthday party for MeAzrael, we should make a decent+ job of it; she's used to German efficiency."

"Dude, unknot your panties; I've got everything under control."

"Okay, so … I've wrapped the gifts and laid the table. Dean, have you put all the balloons up?"

"Yeah, of course."

"And you didn't arrange them to look rude, did you?"

"Well … *shrugs* … maybe just those ones over there."


"WHAT? MeAzrael's a fun chick; she'll appreciate it."


"Did you get the canapes out of the refrigerator?"

"The what … canopies?"

"You know, the little salmon and philly tartlets and the little bite-size pizza slices."

"Oh those!"

"Yes, those. Did you get them out of the refrigerator and put them on the table in the kitchen?"

"Yeah, well, most of them … uh, some of them."

"Some of them? What about the rest?"


"Oh damnit Dean, you did save some for the party, didn't you?"

"Of course I did, I just tried a few to check they were okay; didn't want the birthday girl getting sick at her party."

"Whatever. Birthday cake okay?"

"Yep, it looks awesome – I baked it myself; red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Cas helped me decorate it."

"Great. By the way, where is Cas?"

"He's going around the bunker hanging the bunting around the ceiling."

"Oh, right. Does he need the stepladder?"

"Nope. That's where having wings comes in handy."

"Oh yeah, right."

"See, Have faith Sammy; I told you, it's all under control."

"If you say so Dean. What about the drinks?"

"Champagne and beer; it's all on ice in the kitchen. I sent Crowley out to get it – had to bribe him with a bottle of Craig."

"That slimy asshat's not going to try to make any deals is he?"

"Nah, he's under orders and besides, we'll keep an eye on him. There's only one guy here who's gonna be kissing MeAzrael tonight – an' trust me, it ain't him!"

"Yeah, right … thanks for the visuals Dean."


"What about music? I've got some R & B and some …"

"Oh hell no. MeAzrael likes music with a bit of balls; we're listening to my tunes tonight, not that fartyass crap you like."

"But … "

"Sammy, It's a done deal. All loaded up on the Ipod and ready to play. This party's going to rock the walls tonight."


"Okay, so; we got the gifts, the food, the cake, the decorations, the music and the booze; then I guess we're all set then."

"See, I told you everything was under control. C'mon then bitch, let's go an' chill with a beer until MeAzrael arrives."



"Hey Dean, you know you said you had everything under control …?"

"Shuddup. I thought YOU had mailed her invitation."



Tags: birthday, castiel, crowley, dean winchester, fan fiction, fandom friends, sam winchester, supernatural

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