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Checking in ...

I'm finally home after a fabulous, amazing, wonderful few days in Rome.

I don't even know where to begin; I'll need to gather a few thoughts and scan my pictures, but just before I head on up to my bed, here are a few brief thoughts ...

Apple Juice!!!!

Salmon Dean :D

Jensen is AFRAID OF SPIDERS!!!!!

Jensen and Jared doing the most adorably appalling British accents ...


My meet and greet with Jensen - I said words to him - I looked him in the eye and said actual words!  Some of them even had more than one syllable ...

That hug.

Jailbreak. Sobbing like a sap over Jensen and Rob singing 'Fare Thee Well'.

Being surrounded by beautiful friends, both established and new:

JUS IN BELLO 2017 ... BRING IT ON!!!!!

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