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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams

Let's talk about that hug ...

You know, this one ...

This happened right at the end of the closing ceremony and it was a completely spontaneous moment.  It wasn't showboating, it wasn't for the fans, it wasn't premeditated or choreographed.  It wasn't for anyone else but them.

It was a private moment played out in front of 800 people and cameras, and clearly neither of them cared.  It was an act of complete shameless love and concern between brothers, and it shows just how far they have both come in learning to feel at ease with us and trust us.

After Jared's issues last year, it was plain to see that Jensen was so overwhelmed with relief, he practically threw himself at Jared. No hesitation, no playing to the audience, just ... WHAM!  With the support of all his friends, and not least Gen, who made the journey with him, Jared had come through the weekend; but he hadn't just survived it, he'd positively thrived.  And oh boy, wasn't Jensen proud of him.

Look at the body language - they couldn't get closer to each other if they tried, it's like they're trying to occupy the same space - physics can go screw itself!

It was support, gratitude, relief, love and thanks all rolled into one special instant between them, and it reduced the room to a sighing, gasping mess!

And that, right there, illustrates exactly why these two amazing and fabulous guys are so very, very special to us.
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