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Rating: K+
Spoilers/Warnings: Big scary spoilers for 11.20, Don't Call Me Shurley.
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: I don't own them

It's been a long time in the dark for someone.


a/n: I've waited over five years to write a sequel to this drabble.  (Warning: spoilers for 5.16, Dark Side of the Moon)

and here it is:


It's light where I am now.

The light came suddenly, sweeping away all the lonely, dark years. Pretty at first, it became blinding; burning incandescent with power and purity and energy.

And hope.

Where am I? There is a hand; a hand with warm fingers curling around me, shielding me. Lifting me and cradling me against the solid wall of a chest which thrums with the rapid cadence of a racing heart …

… THAT heart. My heart …

The dark is forgotten; the years of solitude are forgotten; the despair is forgotten.

It's light where I am now.

I'm home.


Tags: amulet, dean winchester, drabbles, happy dizzo

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