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I'm asking for opinions ...

My dear F/listies.

I'm taking this brief break from convention madness to concentrate on dapplegrey art matters.

The time is upon me when I submit an entry to the annual Ken Bromley Art Supplies Cover Comptition.

Ken Bromley Art Supplies is the UK's largest online art supplies retailer and their competition is for artists all over the UK to submit art so that the winner will feature on the cover of their autumn/winter catalogue. I've never won it, but I have been shortlisted into the final fifty nationwide on all but one of the times I've entered.

And this is where I'm asking for your help ...

I need help to decide which of my pictures to submit. I've narrowed it down to four of my originals shown below), and I'm going to ask you to tell me which one you like best as a comment to this post. The picture that gets the most of your votes is the one I'll submit.

So ... speak, and I will listen!!

Thank you!

Tags: dapplegrey art

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