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That was the weekend that was! (Part 2)

One of the things I love to do at the cons is to draw character portraits and then get them signed by the corresponding actor.  I had done seven over this winter, five of which I took to Asylum, (the other two are coming to JIBcon with me next week).

I managed to get all the pictures signed and as always, the guests were very appreciative of the work in them.  These are the signed pictures:






For the guests who I haen't got around to doing original pictures for, I make a collage of my existing pictures, so they can see themselves on there, and sign that instead.  This was the collage that I made for Asylum 16 ...

All the guests were delightful, and loved their pictures in the collage.  However, when I showed the collage to Jensen, he chuckled and stared at it for the longest time, then he looked up and asked me where it came from.

"It's just my own artwork scanned into a collage", I told him, and he replied with a grin; "You did this?  Wow, I love it." He signed it and singled out Richard (Gabriel/Trickster) as the one that really made him smile.

Then he said, "This is fantastic, I'm going to have to take a photo of this" and promptly whipped his phone out and stood up to take a photo of the picture on the table.

By now, I'm standing there staring at him like a dumbfounded drip and dying a thousand fangirl deaths.  And I still can't quite compute it: THERE IS A PHOTO OF MY ARTWORK ON JENSEN'S PHONE!!!!!!

After he took the photo, he thanked me and told me he loved it again.  I managed to dribble out some sort of incoherent thanks and then walked away in a daze!

I think it's fair to say that I am a very, very happy Dizzo!

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