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Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated!

I haven't been around much these last couple of days, and that's because I've been on the road with dapplegrey art.  It's been the first two shows of the 2016 season, and it's been great getting back into the swing of things.

DG, my little dapplegrey mascot was raring to go ...


Saturday's show was in a town only about five miles from home called Frimley.  It's a show I've done every year since the event was introduced, and I've always enjoyed it, and had a decent degree of success at it.

I was particularly happy with the set up yesterday because I had some space beside me, so was able to put some extra easels out and have a really extensive display.

The show today was in a town a little further away (about twenty miles) called Basingstoke. Last year, the day was shaping up as a bit of a washout, and then in the last hour, someone came along and bought a large original which turned a potentially disappointing day into a successful one, and would you believe almost exactly the same thing happened today!  Only, instead of someone buying a large original at the last minute, someone came along and booked me for a big commission.  I've only got the deposit right now, but I'll get the full payment when the work is complete!

My display is quite labour intensive to put together, and when I work solo as I was this weekend, for the whole set up at the beginning of the day, and the break down and pack up at the end, I'm looking at 3 - 4 hours in total.  This generally means that I'm invariably the last one packed up and out of the venue.

DG is so not impressed by this.

But now that's it for arty stuff for a couple of weeks; and now I can concentrate on other pressing matters ...

ASYLUM 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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