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31 Days of Blogging Meme - Day 27 - 29

Okay, well if this meme has proved anything, it's proved that I'm crap at maths.  Somehow I've got to the end of the meme, and I've only answered 29 questions.  But hey-ho, we can't be good at everything, right?

Day 27 - Top things on my bucket list

Go to Yellowstone
Experience an Earth Tremor (only a little one - I don't want anyone to get hurt because of my curiosity)
See the Northern Lights again - once just wasn't enough
Write a book
Get some of my art published - maybe as book illustrations or something
Go back to New Zealand to see my friends and get to the South Island

That's just a few to be getting along with ...

Day 28 - Favourite comfort food

How ridiculous is this?  soft granary rolls, heaily buttered with thick slabs of mature cheddar, and bacon flavoured crisps
And for sweet stuff, chcocolate, chocolate and - er - chocolate?
Then, of course, there's wine ...

Day 29 - Weird quirk of mine

Dean ends up naked in way too many of my fanfics.  That's a quirk, surely?
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