Dizzojay's Dean Dreams (dizzojay) wrote,
Dizzojay's Dean Dreams


Busy, busy, busy! 

Summer is traditionally the time when my fanfic takes a temporary back seat and I can be found spending every weekend standing in the pissing rain at all the craft fayres, summer fetes and festivals around the South and South East trying to sell my artworks!

So far and (can you guess I am moderately pleased) I have managed to thumb a nose at the recession and sell five originals since the middle of July.

Iz happy!

And because I am moderately pleased, I wanted to share some of my favourite pics with my friends over here :)


I hope you like - if you do, tell your friends (I do pet poirtraits too) ... they can see these and lots of other pics at www.dapplegreyart.co.uk

I know, I'm shameless :)

Tags: artwork, dapplegrey art

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