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31 Days of Blogging Meme - Day 20 - 24

I've got way behind with this, and so here's a little catch up:

My ten favourite songs:

I'm not much of a music buff, and I really don't have any favourite songs - my tastes can change from week to week; but given that I only have music that I enjoy on my I-Pod, here's the first ten songs listed on my I-Pod (shuffle mode):

Mr Blue Sky - ELO
Jungles of Jupiter - Toyah
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Planet Earth - Duran Duran
Feels Like Heaven - Fiction Factory
Mars, The Bringer of War from Holst Planets Suite - London Symphony Orchestra
A Single Man Tear - Supernatural Musical
Endgame - Chess Musical
One Day Like This - Elbow
Wow - Kate Bush

Pet Peeves:

Judgemental people
Inconsiderate driving

A difficult time in my life:

Autumn 2009, after my Grandad passed away.

I grieved very hard, and later realised that this was because when my Grandma passed away in 2003, I'd tried to be so strong for Grandad, I'd never really grieved properly for her.  For a couple of months, I really was not in a good place emotionally - in fact, I was a complete mess.  In the end, I went to my doctor who referred me to Cruse, the bereavement support charity who were a huge help.

Best Physical Features:

I like being quite tall - I'm 5 foot 7, and I generally wear heels which means that I usually stand 5 foot 9 or 10.
I have nice thick hair - my hairdresser constantly tells me how much he loves my thick hair and how much fun it is to work with!  Unfortunately it's grey now - thank heaven for hair dye!
Everyone says I have my Mum's hazel/brown eyes, and I like that!

5 Favourite blogs!

How can I possibly pick just five?  All of my F/Listies blogs are wonderful places where I love to linger!
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