Dizzojay's Dean Dreams (dizzojay) wrote,
Dizzojay's Dean Dreams

Rubber Ducks!

Unless you have been on Neptune for the last week, you will know that our friends at SPN have asked for rubber ducks from all over the world to keep our beautiful boys company when they dip their pretty, pretty  tootsies in their paddling pool.

More than happy to oblige, this is what I have spent my evening creating ...

(No, before you ask, I really DON'T have anything better to do!)

I am delighted to introduce FOWLey.

I have tried to ensure that he has maintained his usual sartorial elegance, I mean, being a duck is no excuse for letting one's standards slip ...

And finally, I couldn't resist recognising the fact that everyone's favourite demonic duck is a Brit!
(excuse me, dear Queen; why do we have to have such a bloody complicated flag!)

Fowley will be embarking on his long journey to meet the boys tomorrow.
Lucky sod.
Tags: crowley, humour, rubber duck, supernatural

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