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31 Days of Blogging Meme - Day 21

What is something I miss?

This is a very easy answer.  The thing I miss more than anything in the world is my Grandparents.

I was extremely close to my Grandparents on my Dad's side.  They were only in their mid forties when I was born, so I was lucky enough to have them around for a long time.  I was 35 when my Nan passed away, and 41 when my Grandad joined her.  I was their only grandchild, and my Nan always joked that I was the daughter my Grandad always wanted and never got, so to say I was doted on was an understatement!

In return I doted on them too, and I remember telling a friend that losing them was like a dress rehearsal for losing my parents.  That's how much it hurt.

I have so many fond memories of them that I'll always carry with me, and I'll never stop missing them.

This is my lovely Nan and Grandad with Barry and me on our wedding day.

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