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31 Days of Blogging Meme - Day 18 and 19

What am I afraid of:

I don't have any out and out, life affecting phobias, but ...

I tend to be a little bit claustrophobic.  I don't like environments that are cramped and dark (you would never catch me pot holing or anything like that!)
I don't like spiders
I am scared of getting into debt (apart from my mortgage at least), and for that reason, have never had and never will have a credit card.

My worst and most constant fear is the fear of losing people I love.  I don't even want to think about that. :(

Worst habits:

I'm a pathological fidget; I seem to be physically incapable of sitting still.  My hands, especially, are always fiddling and fidgeting - my colleague Sam told me that she could always tell when I was bored or distraccted in a meeting because I was always twiddling and clicking my pen!
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