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A little apology

I'm sorry if I haven't been around on Lj, commenting on my F/listies and responding to posts as much as usual!

It's the first week in my new job, and things are going well - I think!

I'm really enjoying it; it's certainly a challenge - in a good way.  The team seem lovely.  They've all made me very welcome, and I have a manager who talks to me, spends time with me and is positive and encouraging.  Basically all the things that Gaz the nob end wasn't.

As nice as my new team are, I miss my lovelies from my old job terribly.  However, after a flurry of texts today, we've all arranged to get together for drinks after work on the 21st April, so that's awesome.

It's very weird going from being the old stager who was generally regarded as being the font of all knowledge to being the newbie who knows bugger all, and as a result I've got a complete and utter brain overload going on.

So I refer you back to my initial comment.  I'll be back to regular commenting and Lj play soon, I just need to get into a new rhythm, and routine, so bear with me!

In the meantime, here's a little something to make amends for my recent tardiness ...

*Staring at treasure trail belt.  Yes, that's right ... his belt*

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