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Meet Neville!

Okay, so I said I had one more leaving gift, and one that deserved it's own dedicated post. However, I need to give you a little background first ...

I got this gift on Wednesday, and it came from a lady called Heather who I've worked with ever since I started there.  Heather has a delightfully bonkers sense of humour, and that's why I get along with her so well.

Anyway, very many years ago, I returned from a long and boring stint in our archives in the old building which were isolated, dirty, cobwebby and generally nasty.  As I walked back into the office, Heather called out to me, "lonely yet?"

To which I replied (and I've no idea how or why this popped into my mind); "nah, I'm fine, I made friends with a dead spider called Neville."

And thus, the legend of Neville, our shared imaginary friend was born.

Anyway, Heather called me into her office on Wednesday, and there was ... Neville!

When Neville came back to the office with me, he decided to do a little bit of exploration ...

Then he decided to make friends with my lovely Ruth.  She wasn't impressed ...

While he was wandering around, we decided it was time for him to make himself useful, so we got him doing a bit of filing ...

Then he decided he wanted to browse the web ...

We got him writing some notes on our whiteboard ...

Then he did a bit of gardening.

And after all that hard work, he was ready for a snack. well, it beats dead flies ...

He enjoyed his snack so much, he was late for a meeting ...

In the end, we decided that he had been so useful, and given that our illustrious overlord, Gaz, was out of the office that day, we thought that Neville should have a promotion. I think he looks far better in Gaz' chair than Gaz ever did.

Needless to say, Neville is home with me now, and is the only spider who will ever be welcome in my house!
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