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Family really doesn't end with blood!

I've been out and about in London today with someone very special.

I know I talk mostly about my Supernatural-related friends on this journal, but I've spent today with one of my friends who has nothing whatsoever to do with Supernatural.

Jane and I come from the same part of London and have been aware of each other pretty much since birth (she's three months older than me).  We've been actual 'friends' since preschool.

That means our friendship has lasted about 45 years.  It's traversed primary school together, me moving away from the area, forging our separate careers, holidays together, big birthdays together, the death of both her parents, and her history of serious health problems. I was bridesmaid at her wedding, she was witness at mine.  And in all that time we have never had one single falling out!

We joke about being big sister and little sister, so I guess that makes us the living embodiment of the sentiment, 'Family don't end with blood'!
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