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Well, it's been a funny old weekend!

I've been a little bit out of circulation this weekend, as I've been over on the good old Isle of Wight (sans broadband) catching up with family; my Mum and Dad and my cousin Marie.

The plan was to go over with Barry too, but you know how it is;  the best laid plans of Dizzos and men go oft awry ...

On Friday afternoon, just  as I was leaving work, Barry texted me this picture with the cryptic caption 'the view outside Mum's house'.  That was all it said.

Yeah, thanks Bazza, so now I'm driving home from work practically hysterical, thinking my Mother-in-Law's been murdered or dropped down a sinkhole or something.

It turned out that MiL was fine - physically anyway, but that about an hour previously, some old dear had been driving past, lost control of her car, somehow managed to do a high-speed ninety-degree right turn off the road, through the hedge that you can just see above the policeman's head, and smash right into her house.

The scene wasn't very pretty ...

That wall is Eileen's bedroom - I'm just so glad it was the middle of the day and she wasn't even in the house, never mind in the bedroom.

This is what the wall looked like after the fire service had removed the car:

The whole front and side of the house is smashed and undermined, so it's completely uninhabitable.  Gas, electric and water has all had to be disconnected.  The front and side and a good part of the roof will practically need to be rebuilt

Engineers have shored up her bedroom to stop the ceiling caving in, and as the radiator was flung off the wall, the whole room is waterlogged.  Her bed is ruined!  So needless to say, Barry has been staying here on this side of the Solent, while I went to see my parents as arranged, to help his Mum deal with this mess.

He went over to the house with her yesterday under the supervision of a council builder to pick up some of her clothes and personal effects.

This is what her bedroom looks like from the inside!

Miraculously, it seems like the old lady driver is ok, She was taken to hospital as a precaution, but apart from being shaken up and very shocked, she is relatively unharmed, which is more than I can say for her insurance policy over the next few weeks!!!

The house is a council property, and at the moment the council are putting Eileen up in a local hotel because she's effectively homeless.  She has a meeting with them tomorrow to decide the long term solution because it's going to be weeks, maybe months, before the house is rebuilt/repaired to the point that it's fit to live in again.

When I first heard about this, my first thought was 'Oh hell, I hope she's alright'.  My second thought was, 'Oh hell, I hope she doesn't need to come and live with us for weeks on end!'

Does that make me a very bad person??  :D

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