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Did I mention I hate technology?

26th July:

Okay, there I was, really looking forward to checking out the Supernatural Anime series.

So off I go, merrily surfing Amazon, and there it is; a blu ray disc, my cartoon boys on the front looking all brooding and gorgeous and mysterious.

On my dear husband's advice, I decided to check out the technical spec (like it actually means anything to me) only to discover that I could take my disc and watch it in the good old USA, in the remote and windswept Galapagos Islands, in the ice fields of  Siberia, the hustle and bustle of China and the wilds of Outer-friggin'-Mongolia. I could probably play the sodding thing on the Moon!

But not in my home in suburban England.


Because some super intelligent high IQ techie-minded PILLOCK has decided to invent a disc that will play anywhere in the world except Europe and Africa.

  * !!/**?@ @!!!*?**   

Did I ever mention I hate technology?

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