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Never a Dull Moment - warning, rudery and naughtiness under the cut!

I know all has not been unicorns and chocolate sprinkles at my work recently, but today was a day that I will remember for a long time for all the RIGHT reasons!

We have a new guy who has joined us recently and he previously worked for Ann Summers. I'm guessing that my overseas buddies know what Ann Summers is, but if not, let me explain.  They are a chain that sells sex clothing and accessories!

This guy was telling us about a time when he was involved in the recall of - wait for it - a new line of butt plugs.  Yes, butt plugs.

Apparently, in this particular line of butt plugs, there was a design flaw ...

Yes, someone is actually employed to sit and DESIGN butt plugs.

Anyway, such was the design flaw that when said butt plug was inserted, there wasn't enough 'collar' to halt it's progress, and a number of them were disappearing into parts unknown, only to be retrieved by the local accident and emergency department.

It wasn't Ann Summers' finest moment apparently!


I'm sorry, I still can't quite get my head around the fact that someone is employed to DESIGN butt plugs!


There's got to be a fic out there somewhere ...

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