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In honour of the Dead Guy Robe

It's a fairly recent addition to Dean's wardrobe, and let's face it; a seventy year old, saggy grey woollen dressing gown that probably stinks of mothballs shouldn't be sexy.

But when it's on Dean ...

Your honour, the defence rests.

Dean's appalled that anyone could think his Dead Guy Robe is anything other than awesome!

The Dead Guy Robe often comes with free bonus bed hair

Or post-shower deliciously damp hair.
Speaking of showers, I need one.  A cold one.

Dean's still horrified that Sam doesn't like the Dead Guy Robe.

I like it. A lot.

Dean likes to wear the Dead Guy Robe over a leisurely breakfast.

While he relaxes with the newspaper. Which conveniently gives us a deliciously uninterrupted view of the aforementioned bed hair.

Shower-haired Dean lectures Sam about not being a geek while he's wearing the Dead Guy Robe   ...

... and being a complete geek.

The Dead Guy Robe sometimes gifts us with a brief glimpse of naked leg ...

And when coupled with the ultra-sexy leather slippers, which give us a precious hint of bare ankle, this can cause life-threatening levels of drool dehydration.

So let us hear it for the Dead Guy Robe.  Together with its bonus bed hair, naked legs and bare ankles, it truly is a thing of beauty.

In fact, there is only one way the Dead Guy Robe could be improved ...

And Misha is kind enough to demonstrate this for us.

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