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Jensen GIF Spam

Following on from my post celebrating Jensen's  lickably gorgeous expressive face yesterday, I now feel inspired to spam the living hell out of it.

So this is me spamming the living hell out of Jensen's face.

Jensen approves ...

Or maybe not.

Oh well, there go the panties ...

I mean really, what chance does a woman have?

It's just not fair.

Oh, you sod.  Now you're just playing dirty!

I say again, what chance do we have?

Jensen, STOP IT!

It's no use hiding it under a hat.

You can't cover up that level of prettiness.

Prettiness level - bloody ridiculous.

Oh yes, we are pleased with ourself, aren't we ... smug git.

Yes Jensen, that's how we feel a lot of the time.

But you don't care.

Do you?

The face that launched a thousand ovaries.

Into orbit.

Well, we never wanted them anyway.

That's okay then,

It's no use crying over incinerated ovaries.

Smirky sod.

There's so much prettiness in one place,it's a danger to the balance of nature.

Sort of like Krakatoa with gorgeous green eyes and a nice ass.

Jensen ought to come with a public health warning.

So I say again, it's just not bloody fair.

So what have you got to say for yourself?

Guilty, much?

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