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Well, how about that then?

Of course I had to try these (snagged from my lovely milly_gal) because I am a total lemming.

The first test was to measure my mental age.
Ahem, apparently I am a forty seven year old woman with a mental age of ...

Mental age.jpg

Okay, so maybe I won't share this little nugget of information at my interiew next week!
*skips away to play hopscotch with imaginary Jensen friend*

Then I took the IQ test

Hmmmmmm ... a tad generous, methinks!

Finally, I took the left/right brain test, and there were no surprises here!

So, apparently I'm an 11 year old genius who struggles with reality.

I think maybe these tests were struggling with reality!!!!
Tags: facts about me, meme-y stuff

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