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Well, it was a nice weekend visiting my family on the Isle of Wight this weekend.  Unfortunately we had to cut the visit short, and head home this afternoon, rather than this evening because of a forecasted storm heading along the south coast this evening.  With 70 mph winds, it's likely the ferries would be cancelled, and we would have been stranded!!

Even when we were heading home ahead of the storm, it was across a very choppy, grey Solent.  You know you're in for a rough crossing when every car alarm on the boat goes off within two minutes of leaving the harbour!!!

The Solent might not be wide and it might not be deep, but it can get very angry.  Here's the other ferry kicking up a few white horses as it went by.

Now I'm sitting at home watching the rain lashing past the window sideways, and being very glad that we decided to plan ahead for once!
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