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My Big Treat to Myself ...

Most of you know that I do a lot of drawing and artwork.  I have a little office upstairs where all my stuff lives and where I do a lot of my art.  The downside of that is that when Mr D is about, he's usually in the living room, reading, watching TV or on his laptop, and as we spend ten hours of every week day apart, I don't like spending the time we do have together in separate parts of the house.

So, that means that I often bring down a picture I'm working on and sit at the coffee table on a pouffe and work.  The downside of that is that after a couple of hours continuously stooping over the coffee table, my back feels like it's been run over by a horse.

But no longer!

It was Mr D that first saw this piece of lovely while we were on a shopping trip a couple of weekends ago, and he - the total enabler - was the one that talked me into spending the money to buy it, argued passionately that it didn't make the living room look cluttered, and even built it for me.

So now, I'm a happy Dizzo; I can sit alongside Mr D and work on my pictures without crippling myself!

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