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Top Sixteen Post

Okay, so lots of my f-listies are doing this and so ... well, why not?  Let's start 2016 off on a positive note!

My Top 16 happy things:

1.  Mr Dizzo - he's got to be right up there, right?
2.  Good health.
3.  My friends.  Friends are sunshine that you can hug!
4.  We're going to see The Force Awakens tomorrow.
5.  My pencils.
6.  Jensen winning the PCA.
7.  A nice chilled glass of crisp white wine.
8.  Asylum 16 and Jus in Bello are getting closer.
9.  Fandom fun and fanfiction!
10. Ogling our beautiful boys!
11. The nights are drawing out.
12. It's Friday!!!!
13. Playing with the mini guys.
14. Supernatural starts again in less than two weeks.
15. I've lost three pounds this week (weight, not money)
16. Have I mentioned Jensen Ackles yet?
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