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And thus were a million fanfics born ...

Mr D and I decided to treat ourselves this morning, so as the coffee shop in our village wasn't open this morning, we headed over to one we knew would be open, which was on a trading estate a few miles away.

After breakfast, we wandered over to browse in a couple of the superstores.  Mr D always heads for Halfords, a chain that sells car and bike peripherals which holds absolutely no interest for me, and I headed to Hobbycraft, a store that sells art and craft supplies which I'm drawn to like a moth to a flame!

I was browsing round some sketch pads when Mr D, obviously done in Halfords, came over to join me, and our conversation went like this ...

Me: All done?

Mr D: Yep

Me: Did you get anything?

Mr D: Yeah, a tin of bike grease and a bottle of wet lube.

Me: O.o


Thus were a million fanfics born.
Tags: naughtiness, silliness

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