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So, who can believe ...

It's 2016 already?  Where the heck did 2015 go?

It was a funny old year.  From a personal point of view, everything was ticking along happily; from a work point of view, everything went to shit; but from a fandom point of view, I have never before felt so inolved and so blessed as I feel to be a part of this amazing group of people.

I met so many of you in person, and that was special, so very special to be able to finally enjoy real hugs as opposed to virtual hugs!  I also went to three conventions and took part in Reverse Big Bang for the first time (thanks amberdreams, you are totally my enabler!)

So here it is, because everyone else is doing it and if I ever did have an original thought in my head, it would be very lonely, my fandom review of 2015!

Okay, so let's start with the sad and the bad! In 2015, I wrote 46,838 words.  I've only counted story words, and that's the lowest number of words I've written in one full year since I've been in fandom.  My writing muse has gone beyond being AWOL and is now missing without trace.  In another six years, I'll declare her legally dead.  Back in the summer, I sent out a call for help to my F-listies asking for prompts and some brilliant ideas were put my way.  I'm currently grappling with a couple of them but it's not coming easy.  All I seem to be able to churn out with relative ease are drabbles. I really, really hope that this is just a temporary turn of events!

Anyhow, that said, here's the fun stuff:

Multi Chapter stories

And Baby Makes Three
A Head for Trouble

One Shots

The Customer is Always Weird - written for Crowley's Covert Cristmas Fic Exchange over on spn_bigpretzel .  Because it was 'covert' I couldn't include it in my review of last year!!!
Up On The Roof - a birthday fic for the lovely vansgroi
On Your Special Day - a birthday fic for my good buddy meazrael_64
From Bad to Worse - written for the Spring Fic Exchange at  spn_bigpretzel.  Written for the community with fabulous art by denaworkshop
Summer Lovin' - written for the Fun in the Sun challenge at spn_bigpretzel
For The Love Of Those Boys - written for jj1564 in the spn_summergen Challenge
The Watchman - A birthday fic for everyone's favourite honorary Hunter Girl theymp
Job Satisfaction - written for the Annual Outside POV Meme on spn_bigpretzel


I did manage to write exactly 100 drabbles - on the nose, how about that???  I'm not going to list them all here, but you can find them all here

Arty Farty Stuff


Banners for stories in Crowley'sCovert Christmas Fic Exchange on spn_bigpretzel.  Links to fics underneath each picture.
Happy Birthday milly_gal
Happy Birthday Dean Winchester
Happy Valentines Day to my F-Listies
Banner for my Fic, Number Fifty
Banner for my Fic, Down Time
Banner for the Spring Fic Exchange on spn_bigpretzel
Art for mamapranayama in the Spring Fic Exchange at spn_bigpretzel
Happy Easter to my F-Listies
Happy Birthday tifaching
Happy Birthday Sam
Happy Birthday sasha_dragon
Meanwhile, Back at the Boathouse for big_heart_june
Thank You America
Happy Birthday metallidean_grl
Banner for my Fic Experiment 99
Happy Birthday auntmo9
Happy Birthday Jared
Banner for my Fic, It's The Little Details That Matter
Pretty Things
Happy Birthday Master Chau
Happy Birthday999alena
Happy Birthday blackrabbit42 (Not Supernatural)
A Drabble Pic - Night Terrors
A Drabble Pic - Ugly Duckling
Banner for the Fun in the Sun Comment Fic and Art Challenge on spn_bigpretzel
Banner for my story - Hair of the Dog
Happy Birthday wings128
Happy Birthday fireheart13
Happy Birthday Misha
Ten Fabulous Years
Jared Banner for milly_gal
Banner for start of season 11
Banner for the spn_bigpretzel Outside POV Meme
Happy Birthday tattooeddevil (Not Supernatural)
A Drabble Pic - Dark
In celebration of Baby
Happy Birthday herminekurotowa
A Drabble-Pic - Windows to the Soul
Jensen at Asylum 16!
A Drabble Pic - A Hero's Armour
A Drabble Pic - Eau de Impala
Happy Birthday lysanatt
Happy Birthday etoile_etiolee
Happy Thanksgiving to all my F-Listies
Happy Birthday emmatheslayer
Castiel's Christmas made for the Very BigPretzel Christmas Challenge at spn_bigpretzel
A smile for milly_gal and jj1564
Banner for the very BigPretzel Christmas Challenge at spn_bigpretzel
A Wish Granted for vexed_wench in the Great Giggling Gas Station Wish-a-thon on spn_bigpretzel
Happy Holidays to all my F-Listies
Happy New Year to all my F-Listies
Happy New Year to the spn_bigpretzel community
Reverse Big Bang Art - can't show you yet!

Traditional Art

Demon Dean
Sheriff Jody
Sheriff Donna


Across the year, I was busy picspamming - more Jensen pics than you can shake a stick at.  You can find them all here


I went to three cons this year, Asylum 14, Jus in Bello and Asylum 15.  Here's where you can find the pictures, reviews and squee!

Back from the Asylum
More Groping and Grinning
Signed Pictures
Checking in from Roma
Okay, You Asked For It!
Asylum 15 - Fun and Larks

Other Stuff

In between mod duties at spn_bigpretzel and spn_on_parade, I took over the running of the weekly Drabble Challenge over on Fanfiction.net alongside my good friend, vansgroi .

The DEW Challenge at spn_bigpretzel celebrated its first anniversary and I'm thrilled to be a part of the community which I've always described as my spiritual home on Livejournal.

The Mini mirth and mayhem continues over at spn_on_parade where the incumbent population of minis continues to grow at an alarming pace.  They may just take over the world one day; really, could they actually do a worse job than the guys who are currently doing the job?  We celebrated out first anniversary in July, and the madness just keeps rollin' on. Huge thanks go to my gorgeous co-mods jj1564 and milly_gal, not to mention our 100+ members who who keep the comm bursting with activity, and continue to make this little bucket o' crazy one of the warmest and friendliest little corners of Livejournal.

And, phew, that's it for 2015 it's been busy, exhausting and bloody brilliant ... roll on 2016!
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