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It's a Dizzo Christmas!

It's been a slow start to Christmas for me this year thanks to the fact that I managed to pick up a winter lurgy just in time for the big day.

Off sick from work and in bed by 8.30 pm yesterday, I was a festering petrie dish of sneezing and coughing, and I woke up this morning feeling like death warmed over; didn't even surface until nearly 11 am.  Anyway, a nice strong coffee, a couple of aspirins and our traditional Christmas breakfast of cheese on toast, not to mention opening all my lovely presents, made me feel ready to rejoin the human race as a functioning adult again, and so here I am!

I've already had so much fabulous shiny from my lovely F-listies, and it continued today with something so, so special from sasha_dragon (thank you so much, your gift will be making an appearance later!!)

Also, a lovely giftie from paperbackwriter which was very sweet, thank you!

We've just cleared up after a delicious dinner, cooked by Mr D - yes, I know, I'm thoroughly spoilt - this is Mr D's first Christmas as a vegetarian, and so we had nut roast which we both really enjoyed! (I don't think Mini-Dean was very impressed though.)

Now I'm chilling out with a nice glass of New Zealand's finest, listening to the new ELO album (courtesy of Mr D who is currently sitting at the dining table building a lego model of Darth Vader), and eyeing up a chocolate santa whose days are seriously numbered.

I hope everyone else is enjoying a day filled with good food, good company, love and smiles.

Merry Christmas xx
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