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Completely random ...

Mr D and I were sifting through all my old Facebook pictures the other night, and having a bit of a nostaligia session.  I know a few of my F-listies have been posting some lovely memories recently, so I decided I would join the club and share a few of my best/favourite memories with you guys ...

An open air Summer concert with Mr D, 2005

Getting ready for a fancy dress party  in 2008 - I never need an excuse to dress up and make a complete tit of myself !!!!

Christmas 1998

Rain stopped play in the England v Zimbabwe cricket match at the Rose Bowl, Hampshire, England - 2001-ish

Schmoozing with Brego (Lord of the Rings) 2006, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand 2006

With the Olympic Torch - 2012

A fun evening with our great friends and my beautiful God-Daughters over from New Zealand.  Christmas 2012

Sitting on the same rock where Gollum sang his 'Wish for a Fish' song! 2006

A furry friend - can't remember the date!  :)

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