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The Red Plaid Shirt of Total Awesomeness Spam

We all know our Jensen likes plaid, and there is one of his many plaid shirts that is a shining light among his wardrobe.
He's worn it to Jus in Bello and a couple of other conventions; it's bright, it's smart, and this spam is a celebration of it's awesomeness.

Dear friends, I give you the one ... the only ...the red plaid shirt.

Here it is ...

The red plaid shirt is a thing of beauty, or wait ... maybe that's Jensen.

See, fangirls love the red plaid shirt!

Jensen's always happy when he wears the red plaid shirt

Sometimes when Jensen wears the red plaid shirt, his legs feel neglected and try to assert themselves.

Jensen tries to see if anyone else is wearing red plaid.

See, I told you Jensen is always happy when he wears the red plaid shirt.

The red plaid shirt comes with free tongue porn.

Jensen knows that everyone else loves the red plaid shirt.

This much ...

Jensen tries to justify taking off the red plaid shirt.

Told you, red plaid shirt = happy Jensen.

Jensen discovers some of this morning's ketchup on the red plaid shirt.

Jared tries to hang the red plaid shirt up, but he forgets to take Jensen out of it first.

Jensen can talk about the red plaid shirt for hours!

Jensen's very kind when he wears the red plaid shirt - when you faint, he'll pick you up afterwards.

Yes, if I looked as gorgeous as you, I'd be a smug git too ...

Hungover Jensen likes the red plaid shirt.

Jensen likes looking at the red plaid shirt.

Red plaid happiness.

Wait, I think someone just said they didn't like the red plaid shirt.

Yes, it's okay Jensen, WE like it.

Remember what I said about being a smug git?

The red plaid ... oh.

Hungover Jensen and red plaid are a perfect combination.

Jensen's just checking that you've noticed the red plaid shirt.

Oh, you didn't ...

You might notice this then ...

Jensen colour-co-ordinates his dorkery with the red plaid shirt.

Oh look, Jensen's happy again.

Oh, so you HAVEN'T got a red plaid shirt?

Well, Jensen has!!

Red plaid shirt and throat porn go well together.

He can undo the red plaid shirt.

And he can do it up too ... see, he can multi-task!

What does Jensen like best about the red plaid shirt?  Hmmmmm ...


Take a bow, red plaid shirt.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the red plaid shirt ...

In all its glory ....

The Jensen-shaped glory ...

Because no-one else can make the red plaid shirt look so good.

Except Jensen.

And he makes it look REALLY good.

Even when he's pissed as a parrot feeling delicate.

But it doesn't matter because the red plaid shirt has magical hangover-healing properties.

Actually, sod the red plaid shirt - let's just appreciate that lucky minion instead.

credit as per watermark where applicable
credit to elsiecat

Tags: extreme prettiness, fangirl down, jensen, pictures, red plaid shirt

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