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Shiny Shininess from all my Hunter girl Lovelies

I was such a lucky Dizzo yesterday, not only did I get to enjoy the company of all my awesome Hunter Girls, but I even got all this scrumptiousness on the day too ...

Thank you Paul Secret Santa for my delicious Team Free Will gingerbread.  Sad to say that this particular TFW has now lost its moose.  I think squirrel may be following soon ...

Secret Santa *ahem* Paul also gave me this fab 'Family Business' bag.

This was the first time I used my fantastic Supernatural bag made for me by the amazing herminekurotowa who is truly a genius with a needle and thread!  She actually gave me this back in October, but as it had its first outing today, I count it as a Hunter Girl giftie :D

Then from my sweet milly_gal this gorgeous bunny pic for me and Mr D.  Happy to report Bazza was as impressed as I was!

This little bloke came via the awesome jj1564.  Why do I think the mini camp is suddenly going to be a madder place than usual?? :)

Then all my fab cards courtesy of xlittleangx, 999alena, milly_gal, amberdreams, theymp, jj1564, and heavenli24

Like I said, I'm such a very lucky Dizzo!
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