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I think Mr D was having a Mark of Cain Moment ...

If you follow my journal, you'll know Mr D and I have just gone through a big redecorating project, part of which was to buy a new couch because our old one was starting to show it's age, it was all saggy and collapsed on end, and it didn't match the new decor.

We have a new couch being delivered on Monday, so today's task was to take the old couch to the tip.  So, of course, this is where we find that it was too big to fit in my car.

So, my request to Mr D was 'can you see if you can get the arms off so we can get it in the car?'

One hour later, this was the sight that confronted me ...

At least the arms were off, I guess!

The terrifying thing is, he did all this with just a hammer and a screwdriver!!!!

Tags: facts about me, silliness

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