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Great Big Huge Enormous High Quality Jensen Spam

Thanks to the lovely big_heart_june posting this vision of freckly goodness at her journal earlier today, I felt inspired to find more close up, high quality scrumptiousness for us to all dribble over enjoy and appreciate.

So, go forth and dribble enjoy and appreciate.  Warning, here there be lots of BIG pictures!

Like this one, for instance - that's a big, high quality smile!

High quality white shirt of sexiness.

I'm having a high quality hot flush ...

High quality hoodie.

Jensen knows he's high quality!

High Quality scruff.

High quality baby Jensen.

Did I mention that Jensen knows he's high quality?

Jensen's smirk is always high quality!

And high quality people always have to look smart.

Really, really smart.

Or, okay; leather works too.

Jensen is a high quality photographer too.

And a high quality golfer ...

The white shirt of sexiness is always high quality!

Did I mention leather works?

Look, I've been looking at these pictures for hours - I can't be expected to remember anything important.

What's my name again?

Holy hell, look at that hair; that's what you call high quality!

Jensen makes a high quality cowboy.

Very high quality ...

Very, very high qu ... oh!

High quality eye crinkles.

I can hear high quality ovaries exploding across the globe.

Jensen's so high quality, he doesn't even care!

High quality tongue porn and high quality profile porn all at the same time.  we can multitask here at Dizzojay's journal.

Jensen's so high quality, he can read.  Like, proper words and everything.

And this little high quality freckly anklebiter is where it all started!

Credits as per watermarks (where applicable)
Other pictures found at:

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