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Happy Happy Joy Joy - Spam of Random Dorky Happiness

Browsing through my F-list over recent weeks, it saddens me to see that so many are going through tough times.  Right at the moment, the universe just seems to be determined to send great lumps of bad luck and piles of undeserved crap, and generally to behave like a complete douchenut who needs a damn good slap.

So, although I can't control the universe - I wish - I've decided that what I can do is provide a little something to lift the mood, and bring three rays of sunshine into everyone's day.

So herewith, the happy happy joy joy, spam of random dorky happiness ... also known as 'Jensen, Jared and Misha - three times the universe was actually kind to us'.

Jared is happy to share the beauty of his hair with us

J2 have natural rhythm


Jared's frog impression is famous across the world

And Misha's complete nutter impression is also ... oh wait, no - that's Misha being normal.

Jensen says hello

Those boys, see, they're fighting over you all

Remember what I said about natural rhythm?
Misha has none.  At all.

Misha perfecting the dance that will humiliate his daughter at her wedding.

Those boys knew there was something weird about the mushroom omelette at Kraft today.

J2 drop everything to make us happy.  Including their pants.

Jensen's shaking his booty for us.

Even the Impala looks embarrassed.

Jared is a poster boy for sophistication and decorum.

Did I say sophistication and decorum?  Sorry, I meant being a great big adorable dingbat.

Jensen used to be a cheerleader.  You can tell, can't you.

Jared has never been a cheerleader.  You can tell, can't you.

Remember what I said about J2 having natural rhythm?
I lied.

No sorry Misha, they're not as perky as Jensen's

A little bit of happy happy joy joy for the Destiel shippers out there ...

Jared  is offering a strip-tease just for us.  Unfortunately he is beaten by the evil zipper.

Remember what I said about sophistication and decorum?  Nope, Misha doesn't have it either.

I can add no more to this ...

J2 take their job very seriously.  Their job, of course, is being loved by us lot.

Another one for you Destiellers out there - Jensen and Misha are as one when they dance.

Look, Jensen's demonstrating how much he loves you all.

Jensen trying to watch Misha dance.

I love you, and you, and you, and you, and ...

You want me to do WHAT???

Sophistication and decorum.  It's a theme ...

Jensen's belly wants to join in the party too ...

There's that booty again.

Take a bow boys!

And just for fun ... here's the happy happy motherlode!

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