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Phantom Traveller - a Celebration of Baby Winchesters

Have I mentioned before that this is one of my favourite episodes?
Maybe once - or twice?
Or maybe not at all?

I mean, Phantom Traveller has everything.  It's got, like, a plot and stuff but, well, just in case you need reminding why this is such a stonking episode, here's a little reminder ...

Would you just look at that flawless baby face?

And speaking of flawless baby faces ...

Occasionally, you get the bonus of two flawless baby faces in the screen at the same time:

Sometimes they're in shadow:

Sometimes they're in sunlight:


Sometimes they're looking at each other:

Sometimes they're looking at something else:

But they're always looking adorable:


Phantom Traveller has everything.

It has amazing cheekbones:

Spectacular collars:

Pouty Lips:

Frowny Thinking Dean:

Thinky Intense Sam:

Cleverclogs Dean and his home made EMF meter that is completely awesome despite what Sam thinks:

Scaredy Dean:

Hysterical Dean with bonus microscopic tummy peekage:

Bedhead Dean:

Bedhead Dean again.  The bedhead is magnificent and should be celebrated at every possible opportunity:

Awesome sleepy biceps:

Dean's great big bare feet:

Chunky, bowed, hairy thighs:

and ...

and ...


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