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Musings on Life, the M6 and Episode 11.05 ...

So I'm finally back from my work-related travels to the North West (a 500 mile round trip). This meant tangling with the delights of the M6 motorway - twice in two days - and this, in turn, has resulted in me spending 13 of the last 48 hours on the road, at least half of those hours spent sitting in soul-destroying traffic, staring torpidly up someone's exhaust pipe.

How does this tie in with 11.05, I hear you cry ...

Well, aside from the fact that when I finally got home, I kinda wanted to murder the world; and so as a result, felt a certain empathetic kinship with Lizzie Borden, I have just downloaded and watched the episode.  I decided that I deserved some bloody enjoyment out of this day, and I wasn't disappointed.  It had an early-season monster-of-the-week charm about it.  The scene with the double bed in the hideous chintzy room made me grin like a loon, as did Sam playing with the perfume atomiser, and best of all, there was this ...

Sympathetic, angsty Dean looking all thoughtful and gorgeous.
Okay, now THAT was worth waiting for ...

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