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Gird your loins ...

I know it's probably appeared on your friends feed a hundred times today but I make no apologies for adding my voice to the throng, 'cause that's the kind of gal I am!

Our Jensen needs you now more than ever before.

Please,please, please vote for Jensen for best sci fi/fantasy TV actor in the PCA awards.  He has shared awards in the past with our lovely Jared, but while we'd like to see both our gorgeous boys win awards in their own right, with Jared unfortunately not making the cut this year, surely it's Jensen's turn for a shot at glory. (Sorry Misha, you know I love you, but you had your moment in the limelight last year.)  Basically, it's an absolute crime against all that is good in the world that Jensen hasn't yet had the honour of winning his own award.

So let's put that right for him this year ...

Why, I hear you cry?

See?  Told you so.

I appreciate your attention to this call to arms. I'm off to do my duty now, but in the meantime, I'll leave the final word to the man himself ...

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