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Last Things Meme

Well, you know me; this one's doing the rounds and I never met a meme I didn't like, so ...

(Stolen from  amberdreams and jj1564)

Last thing you said: Thank you (when Mr D made me a cup of tea)

Last thing someone said to you: Do you want any biscuits?

Last person you saw: My husband - he's sitting next to me

Last movie you watched: Love Actually

Last show you watched: Watching it now - Carl Sagan's Cosmos.

Last thing you ate: Cheese Sandwich and two satsumas

Last thing you drank: Glass of water

Last time you brushed your hair: About an hour ago

Last time you changed your clothes: About an hour ago (I had a shower)

Last thing you DVRed: The Great British Bake Off final.

Last time you laughed: This afternoon

Last time you slept: 6 am this morning

Last call you made: I phoned the bank to arrange payment for my Jensen Meet and Greet at Jus in Bello :)

Last call you received: A speculative call from someone arranging an exhibition and asking if dapplegrey art would like to take part

Last email you sent: Not including work emails, I sent an email to the Jus in Bello staff to tell them I'd made payment for my Jensen Meet and Greet

Last email you received: from Livejournal telling me I'd had a comment on one of my posts

Last time you went outside: I put the recycling out about two hours ago.

Last time you looked in the mirror: About an hour ago

Last time you did laundry: this morning

Last time you wrote something down on paper: The weekend

Last time you used Chapstick: can't remember

Last time you printed something out: Not including work stuff, I printed out my Asylum 15 e ticket last week

Last thing you wrote online: This!!!

Last dream you had: I rarely remember my dreams, so - not sure.

Last song you listened to: Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield was playing in the car when I parked up

Last time you cried: I think I may have shed a happy tear or two when I found out about about my Jensen Meet and Greet on Sunday!

Last sporting event you watched: Argentina/Ireland in the Rugby World Cup at the weekend

Last time you had fast food: I had a cheeseburger and Fries at Burger King on Friday on the way up to Asylum 15

Last song you sang to: Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield

Last medication you took: Pain relief for severe period cramps about two weeks ago

Last time you exercised: Went to the gym this morning.

Last thing you bought: Some fruit in the supermarket on the way home from work


Sounds: Watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos

Drink: Tea

Food: none,

Clothes: Pyjamas, black top and zebra print bottoms :)

Mood: content

Wonder: Why a brilliant man like Carl Sagan had to die young :(

Wallpaper: My  Asylum 14 Jared, Jensen, JDM photo op with my buddy Viv.

Windows open: One

Annoyance: having the house temporarily in turmoil because we're having decorating done

What time is it? 9 pm

What were you doing at this time:

One hour ago: tidying the bathroom after my shower

Two hours ago: Having a snack

Twelve hours ago: Advising someone on my company's Absence Management Policy

Yesterday: Posting my Asylum 15 photos on Livejournal

Last week:Emptying the living room and moving furniture to prepare for the decorators
Tags: facts about me, meme-y stuff

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