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Asylum 15 - Fun and Larks!

October Asylums always have an air of calm and tranquility about them, and Asylum 15 was no different ... at least, that is, after I'd tackled the delights of M42 traffic to get there!

For once, Rogue Time and Greenwich Mean Time actually ran in synch, and we all found ourselves queueing for registration at 5 pm, at exactly the time quoted in the schedule, which was actually somewhat unnerving!

It was in that queue that we got the first rumblings of restlessness.  We got wind that Baby was outside waiting for us, and here we were standing in a queue, in danger of missing her exalted presence!

But she's a patient lady (of course she is, she has to put up with Dean's shenanigans) and she waited like the true professional she is until we were all free to come and adore her.  And so it was that we eentually found ourselves standing in a chilly car park drooling over our loely lady Impala as dusk fell.

Someone else came to admire Baby too :)

That evening, I was lucky enough to get hold of a meet and greet ticket, and had the privilege of meeting the guests on a personal level which was delightful!

Throughout the weekend, all the panels were fabulously diverse; they ranged from Mark Pelegrino's first panel in which the over-riding theme was that he was 'a great big bag of dicks', all the way to wonderful Osric's Sunday panel in which he shared some intense personal memories and made us all cry - the little git!

As always, I loved every moment of the photo ops ...

Who wouldn't want to hug a man dressed as a wookie?  Adam throws himself into the cons with such gusto - he's pure sunshine!

Chad was a last minute addition to the con, and was very welcome!

Our awesome lady Sheriffs, what can I say?  They're badass and beautiful!

Luscious Lucifer - who couldn't love that face?

Osric was his usual self; a wonderful geeky bundle of joy! (What does it say about the man that he's been told off by his agent because he's spending too much time on preparing cosplays and not enough time going for auditions!)

Tyler is just delightful and I'm going to pretend I'm not old enough to be his Mum ...

Once the photo ops were over, I got my autographs and once again my portraits were really graciously received, which was so rewarding!

I'd actually managed to do eerything I needed to do on Saturday. and so Sunday was one of the quietest days I've ever experienced at a con, but it gave a fabulous chance to catch up with my precious friends, so you won't find me complaining!  The only events of note on Sunday were Kim and Brianna's fantastic coffee lounge which was over far too quickly, and then me managing to cripple my toe by falling up the stairs when I got home!

So now, here I am, post-con blues steadily setting in as I console myself at Asylum 16 is only 7 months away!

Sigh ...

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