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Good stuff.

Every now and again, I see peeps on my F-list posting little lists of good things, and I always love to read them and get the warm fuzzies from doing so.

Well, I thought, why not ... I'm  feeling happy right now, there's good things going on in Dizzoland, so I thought I'd pass on a few little snippets of positiity!

1. It's Bazza's birthday tomorrow and so he'll be the same age as me for the next six months.
2. It's Asylum 15 at the weekend
3. It's precisely 11 days until I go to London to catch up with loads of my gorgeous F-listies (some of whom I've not met in real life before) courtesy of big_heart_june.
4. My living room is almost completely bare and I am sitting here on a beanbag because we are having the room decorated next week and recarpeted the week after, and we went out and ordered a new couch this evening, so my home is going to look AWESOME!
5. My horsey picture made someone cry (in the nicest possible way) when I handed it over yesterday.


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