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The Watchman


Genre: Friendship/fluff
Rating: K+
Characters: Dean, Castiel Possibly very mild Dean/Castiel if you squint
Spoilers Warnings: Possibly very mild Dean/Castiel if you squint, depending upon your interpretation
Word Count: 230
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own them.

A teeny weeny little bit of fluff for my good friend, theymp's birthday!


Dean shifted uneasily in his bed, and sighed into his pillow.

Skirting the drifting edge of sleep and wakefulness, his eyes blinked blearily through the darkness as he wondered briefly what it was that had woken him.

As awareness fluttered around him, he sensed a presence in the room, some way away from him; a presence that was watching him. A silent, calm - familiar - presence. One that moved through the bunker at night like a warm breath on a winters morning, yet stood stock still for hours as Dean slept. One that revered Dean's every breath, every sigh, as if it were something precious and rare to be treasured.

One that kept the nightmares far away.

A presence that had no concept of personal space and showed no immediate signs of developing one; and, infuriatingly, who knew perfectly well that Dean's vocal protestations that being watched while he slept was 'creepy' were only for Sam's consumption.

Dean's eyes drifted closed, and he rolled back onto his stomach, mashing the pillow into his face with a smile and a contented groan, as sleep claimed him once again.

Many years ago, his Mother had told him often that Angels would watch over him.

She missed out the part that his one would be a nerdy little dude with an ill-fitting trench coat.



Tags: birthday, castiel, dean winchester, fan fiction

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