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A blast from the past ...

Seeing Clif's tweet which milly_gal posted earlier:

took me back to fun times not long after I'd discovered the Supernatural Fandom:

Four years ago, the boys posed thus :

And, at Clif's request, the fandom went rubber duck mad.  Over four thousand rubber ducks turned up at the Supernatural studios and among them all, two were mine!  I remember seeing the tweets of my duckies sitting on the trunk of Clif's car and leaping up out of my seat in the office with a hoot of excitement.  I got some very funny looks that afternoon :)

I know I probably posted these on Lj before, but as it was over four years ago, I feel inspired to give them another airing.

Here they are: Fowley and Cas-Teal :

You can spot Fowley on the left with the label round his neck.

Here's Cas-Teal and his minions:

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