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Dorky Jensen Spam

It takes a special kind of man to be hotter-than-the-sun-pure-sex-on-legs and, at the same time, a bit of a twerp.

Therefore, this spam is here to pay homage to that most desirable yet rarest of qualities.  Behold, for your delectation, a compendium of Jensen's classic comedy countenance contortions ...

(That's funny faces to you and me!)

1. The 'Waiter, there's a panda in my soup'.

2. The 'What the hell was in that coffee?'

3. The 'I'm going to sprawl here like a manly man and pretend I haven't got the longest eyelashes in the world'.

4. The 'Ducky lips' (hairy variety)

5. The 'The Fangirls want me to do WHAT?'

6. The 'seriously, what was in that coffee?'

7. The 'I'm going to pretend I don't feel a complete berk'.

8. The 'I think I preferred the crown'.

9. The 'Get lost, this is my wall.  I fuckin' love this wall'.

10. The 'yes, I'm talented, successful, wealthy, sexy as hell and 50% of the human race wants to climb inside my pants.  This is what smug looks like'.

11. The 'what the hell was I drinking last night?'

12. The 'Misha's right behind me, isn't he?'

13. The 'but why can't I be taller than Jared?'

14. The 'even a hot-as-hell-sex-god can have an off-day'.

15. The 'get your own friggin' pie'.

16. The 'I think I picked up Bobby's cap by mistake!'

17. The 'AAAAAAARRRGH!  The fangirls are coming!!!'

18. The 'Ducky lips' (smooth variety)

19. The 'Really, I mean it, Goddamnit, what the hell was in that coffee?'

20. The 'All those fangirls ... must not show any fear.  They can smell fear.'

21. The 'End'

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