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So, that was Summer ...

If I seem like I've been MIA for the past few weeks, that's because - well, basically - I have been.

August is the month I take dapplegrey art on the road, and it certainly hasn't been an uneventful month for me and my loyal little partner-in-art, DG.

From getting both sunburnt and stuck in mud on two consecutive days, to meeting knights, tudor dancers and performing sheepdogs, not to mention selling a picture that had never been seen in public, it's been a wonderful, exhausting blast, and for the reccord, dapplegrey art's most successful summer season since I began exhibiting in 2007!

Here's a few memories from a wonderful summer:

DG has an admirer from a bygone age :)

DG gets the chance to be noble steed to a brave knight

The first stall of the summer - Chale Show, Isle of Wight.

Always a good sight to see on the stall!

Is one supposed to curtsey when one gets such prestigious visitors to the stall?

The eve of the Isle of Wight Steam Festival - all wrapped up ready for action ...

Meeting up with three friends of dapplegrey art.

These two little guys never even saw the light of day before they went to their new home.  Their first day on the stall, (only three days after they were finished), they were spotted by a passing tiger-lover as I was setting up in the morning.

DG's friends come in all shapes and sizes ...

Proof that selling art isn't always glamorous.

DG takes his job very seriously - but he's not happy with the travel arrangements ...

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